Crematory / Oven / RTO Systems
Our experience fabricating and assembling crematory, oven and RTO Enviromental systems has helped us to be an industry leader. From raw materials to final assembly, we make the project a one stop shop for our customers. The entire sequence consisting of drawing transfers, parts fabrication, electrical systems, gas piping, painting, refractory and assembly to shipment to the customer's location is performed in house at our Beaver, Ohio, plant. No more need to secure multiple contractors. Wiseman Brothers does it all with it's experienced team. Tell us how we can help you with your next project.
Tanks & Containers
Truck tanks, enviromental containers and specialized storage needs are just a few of the containment systems we offer here at Wiseman Brothers. Custom fabricated at our plant to fit your truck, rack system or site is all done at our facility and delivered to you ready to use. Roll forming, valve placement, Stainless-Aluminum-Carbon Steel welding, painting, assembly and all other aspects are performed right here at our shops. Let us know your container and storage needs. We will be with you for the long haul.